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Spring preview

If you're in Melbourne today, you may be well be feeling inclined to shirk any and all responsibilities in favour of strolling, scattering flower petals and even smiling at unfamiliar faces. The sky is blue, the sun is warm and Spring seems near. There's no doubt that this is a lovely time of year, in [...]

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Sepia, charcoal, etc.

This is Sierra, who, among many other things, paints lovely watercolours on the backs of envelopes. It occurs to me that the colours of the garments pictured here are possibly a bit reminiscent of the palette of Sierra's soft scenes - which is perhaps why she popped into my head and I asked her to [...]

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Tripsy Gypsy p. 1

A quick close-up look at a few of the prints created for the new Romance Was Born collection, 'Tripsy Gypsy'. These were all produced in collaboration with Perth-born, LA-based graphic designer (or man of many talents), Jonathon Zawada. JZ was also responsible for various of the popular prints created for RWB's previous collection, 'Dream On'. Now in [...]

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The very keen-eyed may have noticed that this post has evolved over the week (as we've sorted out a few hiccups with the use of our new site). Despite this, we hope you've been able to glean that the shop is currently hosting a beautiful little exhibition - brought together for this month's Craft Cubed festival [...]

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Soft outlines.

Many thanks to beautiful Skye, who did a heroic job of modelling for Milly while on the cusp of under-the-weatherdome. Most of these pieces are now available in our online shop.*Skye wears merino 'Sure As Rain' jumper by High Tea with Mrs Woo;black pleated 'Bedford' skirt by Kara Liu (worn throughout);merino 'Twisted Sister' dress with cowl [...]

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Dagny on display.

If you follow Milly Sleeping on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll know that we are currently hosting an exhibition of new neckpieces by Tahli Kornhauser of Dagny. These are genuinely unique pieces (all quite varied), made by Tahli using a traditional Japanese braiding technique called 'Kumihimo'.The intricacy of the craft, and the melding of the colours, [...]

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Parts one and two.

This is Miao - a lovely someone who we met at Milly. Miao has come to Melbourne from Shanghai - primarily for a change, and to take photos. She most probably scored a fine for purported fare evasion on the day of this photoshoot, as she was in such a hurry to get here. Sorry, [...]

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Welcome (back).

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