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Mysteria Wisteria

It's 9am on the morning of Good Friday but it feels like 6am - grey and quiet, quiet. Milly Sleeping will be shut today and on Easter Sunday but open on Saturday from 10 to 5.Twelve newish A/W styles have just been added to our online shop, from Djur, Timi Alaere and Romance Was Born. If [...]

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Now taking orders ...

\Thank you to everybody who dropped in yesterday eve - 'Elizabeth + Birgitta' was successfully and merrily launched! The pair - Elizabeth Yong of Primoeza and Birgitta Helmersson of Djur - have created a six-piece collection, and it's a pretty flawless group of beautiful, wearable linen classics. A full sample set, constituting a size range (S, M, [...]

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elizabeth + birgitta

After a few years purely in the audience, Milly Sleeping is making a return to the program of the 2016 Melbourne Fashion Festival, aka VAMFF. The shop is part of the new Style Capital Guide, and will proudly present the results of a very exciting collaboration between Birgitta Helmersson of Djur and Elizabeth Yong of Primoeza.Details here. Please [...]

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Last weeks of sale.

One of today's visitors asked how long we would be on sale for. I marvelled at the date and marvelled at the weather and then said, somewhere around mid-Feb, when we expect to start receiving little drops of Autumn/Winter.*Above: one remaining silk soft jacket by Materialbyproduct - currently hiding in the back room.*Enquiries.

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Back to it.

Happy New Year. I hope you've been well, lazy and unresolute.Milly Sleeping is back to regular trading hours.... Janette and I spent our first shift of '16 in the store, with red pen and a thousand white stickers, making significant markdowns throughout the store.*Enquiries.

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Online holiday sale!

Firstly, thank you (dear reader) for your interest in, and support of, Milly Sleeping during 2015. We hope that you are currently undertaking very very little! Janette and I are taking a short break - to the extent that the Elgin Street store will be closed for one week. Our online shop, however (hard-working beaver that [...]

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Trading hours and post-it notes

Housekeeping, as they say. It's 1pm on Saturday and climbing towards the forecast top of 41 degrees in Melbourne. We may shut Milly's door a bit early today ... but we will be back tomorrow, and open every day before Christmas.12 ... 4 on Sunday11 ... 6 on Monday11 ... 6 on Tuesday11 ... 6 on [...]

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December 'specials'.

December's two special commissions have Milly looking her very loveliest, with thanks to Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison (AKA Gracia & Louise), and Anna Varendorff. Oh, and a little tip of the hat to Emina D. from OK OK, for the recent delivery of limited edition hand tie-dyed socks. Various of the items pictured above [...]

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Last week the store received a refreshing wash of varied, oceanic blues, thanks to Kuwaii, Djur, Livia Arena, Lois Hazel and No Worries. This season is the first that we've stocked garments by the latter two labels, both of which are based in Fitzroy - young woman running small studios building beautifully-considered collections. Exciting.The backdrop [...]

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