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Some 'out-takes' from our most recent shoot, featuring new garments by Chorus, Djur, ffiXXed, Inside Outside and Raggatt. These are modelled splendidly by the lovely Rosie - thank you Rosie. Rosie is an artist. She also works at the newish Caves gallery, and tells me compelling things about the small shows that are on there, which I [...]

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Barely there.

Above, an incomplete look-about at 'Plotlines' by Elise Sheehan (undesired golden glow courtesy yellow lights inside on a grey day outside). It's a lovely, quiet show, whose elements crop up from Milly's front window to back wall: ambiguous signposts, ladders to nowhere, intricate illegible maps. And, of course, lots of wearable bits - quite a number of [...]

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A little 'cooee'.

Pictured above - the almost-advent of Spring via new garments by Romance Was Born and Chorus.Additional imagery by Fran Moore in 1984, featuring unique bush-inspired pieces by RWB's current collaborator extraordinaire, Linda Jackson.*Hello and goodbye.

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Sweet shut eyes, dreaming of Spring and fairy floss - or the cup of tea that was going cold while we took these photos. Thank you Skye.All pieces above, including shoes, are now available in the online shop (quantities very limited). Click on the images to snap up your favourite.*Hello and goodbye.

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Interview with Elise Sheehan

'Plotlines' by Elise Sheehan is a new exhibition, now on display at Milly Sleeping in conjunction with the 2015 Craft Cubed festival. Elise installed her show on Monday afternoon, building an assembly of little landscapes about the shop (while passing on hot restaurant and happy hour tips). Each 'tableu' comprises original hand-made objects, ceramics, jewellery and illustration. While we [...]

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From the studio of Wendy Voon ...

Earlier in the year, we received a little delivery of lovely pieces from the East Brunswick studio of Wendy Voon. Having very nearly sold out of these goods, we invited Wendy to bring in a range of pieces from her own stock-room. Said pieces are now here in the shop ... an equally lovely bunch of [...]

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This afternoon's glance about Milly Sleeping focused first upon the new sweet and sour (sunshine and lemon drops) Soot knitted jumper dress - which led to us pulling out other lovely primary-coloured pieces.Plus grey.The newest of these items are not yet available online but some are ... and some are even amid the 'Under $100' [...]

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'Recent Sketches': little details

Pictured above - a few staff favourites plucked from 'Recent Sketches' by Seb Brown. Drop by Milly Sleeping before Sunday July 05 to try some of these fantastic pieces on. The original ceramics are not for sale but all hand-made, hand-painted silver jewellery is available to take home for immediate keeps.*  *  *From top to [...]

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Interview with Seb Brown

'Recent Sketches' by Seb Brown for Milly Sleeping has entered its final week (closing Sunday July 05)! As its the second of three installations showing in store this year specifically featuring new work by jewellers who draw, we were keen to know about Seb's particular take on the relationship between the 2D and the 3D. [...]

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