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A fashion revolution


Quite a many days ago, it was Fashion Revolution day ... I put together some images of the makers of Milly's garments, and then completely forgot to post them. It doesn't matter, obviously, because every day can be Fashion Revolution day - a day when one pauses in consideration of the people who make our clothes.

... As I was running through a little list of our designers, it was conspicuous that things have evolved a bit (or rotated) since the early years of Milly Sleeping. I don't think the vision, or ideal, of 'growth' is quite as present as it used to be for many of the businesses that we interact with. There is a sense of keeping things small, simple, sustainable, fluid ... 

Many of our labels are currently making their own garments 'in-house' in tiny quantities, relative to interest/demand. Others have been taking it one step further, producing mini made-to-order collections (which is the model that has dominated our blog of late; stand by for the June Chorus Monthly Edition). Others have strong relationships with local makers who are willing and able to produce just a handful of pieces at a time ... More than once, more than twice, my visit to a local studio has coincided with that of just such a 'maker', for the exchange of cut cloth and a brown card pattern, or a final sample, or a size range of immaculate garments. It's a well-practised routine and there seems to be a nice brevity to the exchanges, which - perhaps - both reflects and doesn't reflect the hard work, the hard work, the hard work, that powers these independent local labels! ... 


From top to bottom (representing just a few of our labels):

Lois Hazel makes many of her garments in her Fitzroy studio;

Lien makes clothes for Lauren of Mirador in NSW;

Suzan makes all of SZN garments in Thornbury;

Penelope Durston makes a whole range of wonderful things in Fitzroy;

Cassandra currently makes a lot of garments in-house for Chorus in Melbourne;

Birgitta - must be one of the hardest-working people around - she makes all of the garments for her label, Djur, and she makes lots of samples and finished products for other local labels, too.