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ASTRA by Vikki Kassioras


One of the first exhibitions shown at Milly Sleeping, in March 2006, involved jeweller Vikki Kassioras ... so it's a great pleasure to host a tiny but very special display of work created by VK at this curly end of 2016. 

Titled ASTRA, the display comprises unique pendants, made from sterling silver and pink bronze. The shapes Vikki has made have been inspired by "star beams and rays of light" - points and pinnacles. Each one is hand-made and individual; some bear tiny decorative stamps. One, two or three look just beautiful on a length of string or silver.

The pendants range in price from $55 for the small bronze pieces to $145 for the larger silver pieces, and will be on display until sold out. Please drop in to see ASTRA if you can. For a catalogue, please email leah@millysleeping.com.