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Barely there.


Above, an incomplete look-about at 'Plotlines' by Elise Sheehan (undesired golden glow courtesy yellow lights inside on a grey day outside). It's a lovely, quiet show, whose elements crop up from Milly's front window to back wall: ambiguous signposts, ladders to nowhere, intricate illegible maps. And, of course, lots of wearable bits - quite a number of pairs of stunning fine earrings, a quartet of subtle necklaces, and so on. Almost everything is for sale, including various of the handmade non-wearable objects. This week is (all of a sudden) the last to drop in to see everything ... the delicacy of the pieces, and their wit, really warrants a personal inspection. 


PS. If you haven't already read our interview with Elise, please do!


Hello and goodbye.