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Bella who is bella.


This is Bella. Like Emily, Bella is a poet and an unassuming adventurer. She takes beautiful photographs and owns so many cameras that she can't say how many cameras she has. I do know that she has made a hobby, or a habit, of selling her household possessions on ebay, in order to acquire more cameras. On the other side of the lens, Bella did such a lovely job for us that, as we were going, I kept throwing more and more pieces at her to try on - thank you Bella for being such an obliging model!

PS. Bella wears garments and accessories by Alexi Freeman, Kate Rohde X Alexi Freeman, Inside Outside, Soot., Tilly Jewellery for Soot., Primoeza, ffiXXed and Lois HazelBrowse the online shop for these and others items, or click on the images above to go directly to your item of choice.


Hello and goodbye.