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Bush babies.


Following on from our last post, the first drop, or droplet, of 'Bush Magic' by RWB is now in store. The styles are easy to wear, and the prints are even more vivid and darling than remembered. Many of them are a trip down memory lane, having been designed using original artwork by the inimitable May Gibbs.

In addition to decorating our racks, these pieces currently remain available in the 'pre-order' section of the online shop, along with the many styles still to come. As predicted, various items are selling out quickly. Start a little layby by putting a 30% deposit down now...

... and go in the running to win a Backsac!

PS. Unfortunately the Gumleaf print backsac originally advertised as our prize has been withdrawn from production so the Pink Button/Ragga Blossum version is now the brilliant bag up for grabs.

PPS. The poster in the background of each image above (making this post even more colourful) is a party remant left (kindly) behind by Gracia & Louise. It features all of the faces and finery that make up the complete, resplendent 'Salvaged Relatives' series and it's for sale, if you ask ...


Hello and goodbye.