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Chorus August Edition


The showing period for the Chorus August Edition has flown ... It's a tidy one - just two pieces - a fluid dress and trouser (with a detachable sash!) designed to be worn together or, of course, separately - available in black and navy, or navy and black ... (Side note - apparently the idea that black and navy don't 'go together' persists! Although it's only been mentioned to me by people who have said that they love it anyway, which is the club I'm in. I don't know how I learnt this dubious 'rule' - as a precocious reader of Cleo in the early 90s?) ... Drop by during the week to try this beautiful combination on, or visit thisischorus.com.au. The order period closes on Sunday August 28.


READ - a great interview with Lou and Cassandra by Annette Wagner at the Creative Women's Circle.


Once again - images of Tori Trigg by Sarah Pannell.



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