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Hanging plant holders


Several years ago, Milly Sleeping participated in the Sustainable Living Festival, and devised a simple clothes hanger recycling program. Part of this was to imagine alternative uses for clothes hangers. Our project collaborator, artist Gian Manik, came up with the best idea, which was to make unique hanging pot holders from our excess wire hanger stash. These were first spray painted - a wash of pale pinks, purple, yellow, etc. - and then manipulated into new, useful shapes.

You may be able to picture that we've had these lovely pot holders on display in store since but, now, have finally decided to part with them. In the accordance with the original intent, we'll be selling them - for $30 a piece, with 50% of sales to be donated to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. I'm about to add the holders to the online shop but please note that they will not go in the post - pick-up only (with apologies to interstate readers).