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In store only (pt. one)


Above... a number of lovely pieces that have not (yet) made it into our online shop... These include some of the most useful pieces in store - for example/s, the Kuwaii Tone Roll Neck Tees and the Kara Liu navy Esgair Shirt, which were sell-out styles that we re-ordered because they are so darn nice.

If you would like more pics or sizing info., please email leah@millysleeping.com.


PS. Stay tuned for part the second instalment of this post, an all-black line-up of pieces by Raggatt, Chorus and ffiXXed.


Pictured from top: 

Kuwaii wool Cocoon Coat (RRP $580);

Kuwaii grey marle Tone Roll Neck Tee (RRP $120);

Livia Arena tartan Heavy Linen Trousers (RRP $320);

Kuwaii Winter Skivvy (RRP $169), available in poppy and black;

last pair of Soot Cropped Gathered Pants (RRP $197);

Kuwaii navy Chromatic sweater (RRP $290);

Limedrop blue fleck Merino Wool Jumper (RRP $280);

Kuwaii blush Deer Platform boot (RRP $399);

Kuwaii blue marle Tone Roll Neck Tee (RRP $120);

Limedrop pale grey Merino Wool Jumper (RRP $280);

Limedrop ink navy Merino Wool Jumper Dress (RRP $320) worn with Kara Liu white Esgair Shirt (RRP $185);

Soot black wool Mid Swing Coat (RRP $579) worn with Kuwaii poppy Harmony dress (RRP $199);

Kuwaii black Deer Platform boot (RRP $399);

Kara Liu navy Esgair shirt (RRP $185).


Hello and goodbye.