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In store only (pt. two)


Black. Hard to photograph (apologies for the crummy images) but very easy to adopt. Lots of people suggest to us that they wear too much black. I understand that feeling but I also just think - *shrug*, roll with it. Black is beautiful. 

Evidence above by Temps Perdu, Chorus, ffiXXed, Raggatt and Kuwaii. All of these pieces are currently in store only but can be made available online by request.


From top: Chorus Mesh Half Sleeve Top (RRP $130);

Chorus Tuxtee Legging Pant (RRP $220);

Chorus Tuxtee Jacket (RRP $360);

Kuwaii Winter Skivvy (RRP $169);

Raggatt Denim Pencil Skirt (RRP $176);

Temps Perdu Rectangle Dress, worn wrapped and open like a jacket (RRP $269);

Raggatt V-Neck Shift (RRP $198);

Temps Perdu Wallpaper Dress (RRP $229);

Temps Perdu Merino High Roller Top (RRP $139), worn with Raggatt skirt;

Raggatt Karate Bomber (RRP $275), worn with Raggatt skirt and Kuwaii skivvy;

ffiXXed Yoshi City Dress (RRP $294)


Hello and goodbye.