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Introducing Millicent.


Millicent is a new in-house label, presenting 'select secondhand' wares. These are, of course, one-off items, carefully plucked from here, there and everywhere. It's a small 'why not?' addition to the store, which we hope you'll enjoy. The first grouping of pieces (pictured above) is now available online. To view something in person, head to the lovely Limedrop shop mezzanine in the city.

PS. Yes...  Milly Sleeping is in two places at once during October, which means that stock management will be a little more fraught than usual. Online sales are all subject to availability, with fingers crossed.

PPS. Feedback re Millicent is most welcome! We are very curious to know what you think.

PPPS. Pinched imagery is linked to its source.


Hello and goodbye.