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Love Mix Vol. II

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The managers of this operation sincerely hope that you already know about 'Love Mix' ... the shop's current exhibition comprising garments and accessories from the early collections of Romance Was Born. It's a celebration of our long-term association with Romance (coming up on ten years!), in conjunction with the arrival of the brilliant 'Bush Magic' collection, and 'Express Yourself' at the NGV, which closes this week. 

The pieces on display have come both from the archive of RWB, and the wardrobes of Milly Sleeping's wonderful customers, who have graciously lent/sent beloved 'old treasures' from places as far flung as Perth, Fitzroy, Warrandyte, Korumburra and London. An enormous thank you (and hugs and kisses) to Alison C., Elise, Frances & Paul, Irene & Caity, Irina, Jennie, Jill, Jo, Kim, Krista, Natasha, Nicole, Nola and Suzy.

'Love Mix' also ends this Sunday (April 12) at 4pm. If you haven't been in to see it, we think it is worth a visit. There are familiar favourites, from collections such as 'Doilies and Pearls, Oysters and Shells', 'Namaste' and 'Regional Australia', as well as some surprises, including unique items from RWB's debut collection. It's been a treat to arrange and present such an eclectic, gorgeous, whimsical, evocative and funny little body of work. 

I actually wrote a speech for the casual launch of 'Love Mix', although I didn't give it, as the moment, or quorum, was never quite there. In it I mentioned the fact that we are often asked the names of the labels that Milly Sleeping represents and, once I have recovered from several moments of complete blankness, the name that I inevitably say first is "Romance Was Born"... A/ because it is the one label that we have always stocked (from Day One to Day X), B/ because it is a name that I think people might recognise, and C/ because I think that RWB instantly and fittingly describes Milly Sleeping, as a place where you will find interesting and beautiful things. We love Romance Was Born, and we're very grateful to them for their part in 'Love Mix'.

I'm also very grateful to the numerous other artists involved - thank you Mum for the perfect pom-poms, thank you Gert for the illustrations, thank you Jo for the tunes, thank you Sabina (our model), and thank you to Alice Hutchison (photographer) for the great images above. Involving many people in our 'Love Mix' has been the very best bit.


PS. See our previous post for the soundtrack to 'Love Mix', compiled by RWB and Jo AKA Nacho Jean Hart.


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