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Pink party.



It seems like ages ago that Emily spent an afternoon with me (and the cats) at Milly Sleeping. We took dozens of lovely images. Emily is a writer of poetry and other texts, a recent traveller, a collaborator to artist Naomi Bishop (who has developed various beautiful cloth prints with Tettmann.Doust) and a very obliging and entertaining model. "I don't think I've ever worn so much colour in my life," said Emily, at one point during the shoot. "Hey, I've been thinking of creating a garden that has only pink flowers," said Emily. Unfortunately, she didn't get to finish telling me about her friend's 'Sophie Calle dinner party'. Another time, I hope. Thanks Emily!


PS. All items worn by Emily (+ more) are now available in the online shop, except the Dagny jewellery and Kuwaii platform sandals, which will be added soon.


'Photostream' by Emily Stewart

Fire & Ice Hotel, Cape Town, 15/9/14

flamingo ­– coins and stones ­ – walking bridge – flowering shrubbery ­– butterfly (striped) – wildflower – pink tulips – trees in autumn – water well – garden beds – nectar ­ – two deck chairs – a modest shack – close-up of a green leaf – porcelain sculpture – water lilies – astronaut – pine forest­ – hotel lobby – spider web – yellowing leaves – sparrow on branch – full moon – stiletto heels – couple embracing ­– river boat – four Marilyns – brass band – goldfish – shell ­– peacock – open mouth ­– leaf – rain drops – butterfly (colourful) – the centre of a rose – perforated surface – sunflower ­– single swan grooming – maroon sneakers – subterranean walkway


Hello and goodbye.