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Quick interview with Vikki Kassioras


This month, we'll be posting short and sweet interviews with four 'stars' of Milly Sleeping. We could have picked any of the brilliant designers with whom we work but an obvious first choice, at least, was Vikki Kassioras. In a very short space of time, VK conceived and created a gorgeous suite of pendants for the store, for Christmas. (A selection of these, btw, have now been made available online). Collectively, the pendants are called ASTRA. We asked Vikki a few questions about her new work and her more general aims. Many thanks to Vikki...


Why did you choose the name Astra?

VK: I love the quote...

“The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.” by Carl Sagan

Astra is the latin word for star.

Do you often find yourself returning to the same themes for inspiration?

Yes, I definitely do. Archaeology and mythology are great inspirations; much of my work is about understanding our place in the universe through the use of stories and archetypal imagery.

Do you think about the qualities that you would like your jewellery to possess?

I want to make work that invites the wearer to dream.

Do you know what you admire in the work of others?

I always admire authenticity.

Do you have specific plans for 2017?

1. meditate more
2. have fun
3. continue to make authentic work