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Wednesday began with a second coat of paint for the back room, fresh eucalyptus from Mum and Dad's farm, and croissant crumbs by Baker Di Chirico. It ended with a quiet gawp at some of the most wonderful new garments in the country (I reckon) - iridescent pleating, loopy lace, sequinned wisteria and brilliant graphic prints by "Melbourne artist Jess Johnson" (who was a highlight amid illustrators represented at Ian Potter during Melbourne Now). In between, there was sourcing of new things for Milly, and Millicent, and talk of our last week (and a bit) residing at Limedrop. There was also mopping and tram-riding, and a lot of going up and down stairs and general glancing around thinking, 'funny old Milly'. There is change afoot, as there is always change afoot. The afore-mentioned (popular!) back room is currently closed, or curtained, but it will be open again soon ... with additions from the afore-mentioned (popular!), Millicent ... Stay tooned.


PS. Lots of new things are coming in all the time, as they (almost) always are. Drop by to see particularly recent deliveries from the studios of Djur, Alexi Freeman and Romance Was Born.


Hello and goodbye.