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Palette #2


Another quick snapshot of Milly's evolving colour palette... New pieces have continued to arrive in small but steady drops and the resulting range is very enticing, to say the least. Garments above are by Millicent select secondhand, Birgitta Helmersson, Elizabeth + Birgitta, Penny Sage, Chorus, Limb, Romance Was Born and *three* labels new to the store - Anya TamOvna Ovich and Pulka; the large lively scarves are by Monster Alphabets and the beanie/glove combinations are by Penelope Durston, of course (not all colours now available are pictured here).



Which colour?

This month's Instagram theme was COLOUR ... because the colours of garments destined for the shop this Autumn (and any season) play on the mind ... Even more than I anticipate the new styles, I anticipate the changing of colours, and can hardly wait to see certain colours in person. It is always pleasing and puzzling [...]

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Penny Sage Shoe Shop

This Saturday, October 22, we open a Melbourne first - a Penny Sage shoe shop...It's an exciting enterprise that has been in the works for a little while, based upon customer enquiries into the whereabouts of the beautiful shoes by our one Auckland-based label. We will be presenting three Summer styles, made here in Melbourne by Post [...]

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October Edition by Chorus

Chorus have launched their October edition, and it's a treat ... a collection of very wearable and versatile cotton garments, plus a lovely carry-all bag. The print featured throughout is called 'Two Hearts', and was designed for Chorus by illustrator, Giulia Cerini. The stand-out piece this edition is the Spirited Shirt Dress, which can be [...]

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Chorus Monthly Editions

As I type, the lovely Cassandra and Lou of Melbourne label Chorus are in store - doing my job for me - 'merchandising' the windows. Tomorrow they will launch both a new collection and their neat new working model, called Monthly Editions. This model will see them releasing outfits (monthly, of course), which will be [...]

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Some 'out-takes' from our most recent shoot, featuring new garments by Chorus, Djur, ffiXXed, Inside Outside and Raggatt. These are modelled splendidly by the lovely Rosie - thank you Rosie. Rosie is an artist. She also works at the newish Caves gallery, and tells me compelling things about the small shows that are on there, which I [...]

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A little 'cooee'.

Pictured above - the almost-advent of Spring via new garments by Romance Was Born and Chorus.Additional imagery by Fran Moore in 1984, featuring unique bush-inspired pieces by RWB's current collaborator extraordinaire, Linda Jackson.*Hello and goodbye.

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In store only (pt. two)

Black. Hard to photograph (apologies for the crummy images) but very easy to adopt. Lots of people suggest to us that they wear too much black. I understand that feeling but I also just think - *shrug*, roll with it. Black is beautiful. Evidence above by Temps Perdu, Chorus, ffiXXed, Raggatt and Kuwaii. All of these pieces [...]

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Introducing Djur.

The latest additions to the online shop include sale items by Soot., Chorus and Raggatt, as well as beautiful A/W dresses by Djur - which is pronounced something like "yoo-oor" with a very, very soft (perhaps quite silent) 'D', and no 'J' please. Djur is the newest label to join Milly Sleeping. We are very pleased to [...]

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Pink party.

It seems like ages ago that Emily spent an afternoon with me (and the cats) at Milly Sleeping. We took dozens of lovely images. Emily is a writer of poetry and other texts, a recent traveller, a collaborator to artist Naomi Bishop (who has developed various beautiful cloth prints with Tettmann.Doust) and a very obliging and [...]

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