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Some 'out-takes' from our most recent shoot, featuring new garments by Chorus, Djur, ffiXXedInside Outside and Raggatt. These are modelled splendidly by the lovely Rosie - thank you Rosie. Rosie is an artist. She also works at the newish Caves gallery, and tells me compelling things about the small shows that are on there, which I then fail to visit. Rosie plays in a band, has a cat named Claudia, and I believe she made the single hoop earring that she is sporting in all of these photos.

Please click on the images to go directly to each piece in the online shop.


PS. Earlier this week, a visitor mentioned to Janette that what we have in the shop shop is quite different to what we are showing in our online shop. This will always be the case to an extent, because not everything Milly Sleeping stocks is 100% suitable for online sales ... but it is particularly the case at the moment because new pieces are coming in very regularly, and it takes our petite production team a while to shoot and upload things. This season we are going to endeavour to put more in the online shop than ever - but, for really timely updates on incoming bits, it is best to keep an eye on our Insta feed.


Hello and goodbye.


Sweet shut eyes, dreaming of Spring and fairy floss - or the cup of tea that was going cold while we took these photos. Thank you Skye.All pieces above, including shoes, are now available in the online shop (quantities very limited). Click on the images to snap up your favourite.*Hello and goodbye.

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In store only (pt. two)

Black. Hard to photograph (apologies for the crummy images) but very easy to adopt. Lots of people suggest to us that they wear too much black. I understand that feeling but I also just think - *shrug*, roll with it. Black is beautiful. Evidence above by Temps Perdu, Chorus, ffiXXed, Raggatt and Kuwaii. All of these pieces [...]

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It's quite satisfying on a very gloomy Melbourne morning to finish uploading a bundle of the shop's cosiest offerings into the online shop, including new custom-made beanies and scarves by Marcelle et Clo, hand-knitted by Clo. in Sydney. Clo. is from Paris, and has been living in Woollahra for just 10 months. It was incredibly good [...]

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Lucky lasts

Pictured above: a few delicious hotcakes. Each of these pieces is now the last of its kind - available in the online shop - except the Primoeza Evie tops (bottom right), which can be snapped up via email. Sizing and prices below.*PS. Please note that the Romance Was Born X May Gibbs pieces *are* currently available but remain [...]

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In one ear.

Wendy dropped by during the mild chaos of a Milly Saturday morning to help us show off a few recent additions to the shop, including the new colour way in the amazing Soot. flower knit pieces, a wonderful suite of collage prints (titled 'Salvaged Relatives') by Gracia & Louise, plus the stunning ACV Studio collection by Anna Varendorff. [...]

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Bella who is bella.

This is Bella. Like Emily, Bella is a poet and an unassuming adventurer. She takes beautiful photographs and owns so many cameras that she can't say how many cameras she has. I do know that she has made a hobby, or a habit, of selling her household possessions on ebay, in order to acquire more cameras. [...]

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A handful of great new ffiXXed pieces arrived this week, including the Rug Panel skirt pictured above (which has a tapestry-like woollen side and a drill-like cotton side). These pieces come from a collection which might not have a name but might be called 'Homebody'. At least, it's the notion of the homebody that has [...]

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Pick of the day.

So, this is the inaugural Pick of the Day - because it's grey and cold in Melbourne, when it should be less cold and pretty please a bit less grey. It had already caught my eye in the back room and then a really cool person singled it out, too. I said, hey, that's my [...]

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Spring preview

If you're in Melbourne today, you may be well be feeling inclined to shirk any and all responsibilities in favour of strolling, scattering flower petals and even smiling at unfamiliar faces. The sky is blue, the sun is warm and Spring seems near. There's no doubt that this is a lovely time of year, in [...]

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