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elizabeth + birgitta


After a few years purely in the audience, Milly Sleeping is making a return to the program of the 2016 Melbourne Fashion Festival, aka VAMFF

The shop is part of the new Style Capital Guide, and will proudly present the results of a very exciting collaboration between Birgitta Helmersson of Djur and Elizabeth Yong of Primoeza.

Details here. Please keep the evening of Weds March 2 free!

Thank you to Karen and the festival programming team for making our inclusion in the events a breeze.




Last week the store received a refreshing wash of varied, oceanic blues, thanks to Kuwaii, Djur, Livia Arena, Lois Hazel and No Worries. This season is the first that we've stocked garments by the latter two labels, both of which are based in Fitzroy - young woman running small studios building beautifully-considered collections. Exciting.The backdrop [...]

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Interview with Elise Sheehan

'Plotlines' by Elise Sheehan is a new exhibition, now on display at Milly Sleeping in conjunction with the 2015 Craft Cubed festival. Elise installed her show on Monday afternoon, building an assembly of little landscapes about the shop (while passing on hot restaurant and happy hour tips). Each 'tableu' comprises original hand-made objects, ceramics, jewellery and illustration. While we [...]

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'Recent Sketches': little details

Pictured above - a few staff favourites plucked from 'Recent Sketches' by Seb Brown. Drop by Milly Sleeping before Sunday July 05 to try some of these fantastic pieces on. The original ceramics are not for sale but all hand-made, hand-painted silver jewellery is available to take home for immediate keeps.*  *  *From top to [...]

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Interview with Seb Brown

'Recent Sketches' by Seb Brown for Milly Sleeping has entered its final week (closing Sunday July 05)! As its the second of three installations showing in store this year specifically featuring new work by jewellers who draw, we were keen to know about Seb's particular take on the relationship between the 2D and the 3D. [...]

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Recent Sketches by Seb Brown

Yesterday, Seb Brown dropped by Milly Sleeping and - in no time at all really - set up our latest exhibition. Called 'Recent Sketches', it's a very compelling little show, made up of very compelling (mostly little) pieces: new jewels, objects and illustrations. It opens this morning but will officially launch tomorrow (Thurs) night, between 6 [...]

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This weekend.

Today is ANZAC Day, and Milly Sleeping will be open from 11am until 5pm. The weather seems to back up the notion that this is a good day to have a slow day, a quiet day.Tomorrow, we officially launch 'My Assemblages' by Katherine Bowman. Please feel most welcome to drop in, between 3 and 5pm. The [...]

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