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'Recent Sketches': little details


Pictured above - a few staff favourites plucked from 'Recent Sketches' by Seb Brown. Drop by Milly Sleeping before Sunday July 05 to try some of these fantastic pieces on. The original ceramics are not for sale but all hand-made, hand-painted silver jewellery is available to take home for immediate keeps.

*  *  *

From top to bottom:

(image one) showpiece ring ($420); 'U' fork stud ($50);

(image two) floral stud pair ($80); single circle stud ($50); single other stud ($50);

(image three) double pearl ring ($225); fine tether ring ($120);

(image four) card, NFS;

(image five) large eyeball ring, NFS; painted silver ring ($120); silver 'U' brooch ($120);

(image six) 'gold' T stud ($45); wobbly ring ($40);

(image seven) shrine ring ($165); faceted ring w- pink dots ($140); enamel painted T ring ($160)

*  *  *

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