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Autumn palette


Quick snaps of new things to coincide with the previous post about COLOUR. We have Autumnal pieces in store from Birgitta Helmersson, Ella, LIMB, Lois Hazel, Monster Alphabets, Romance Was Born and Soot ... with more on its way.



Which colour?

This month's Instagram theme was COLOUR ... because the colours of garments destined for the shop this Autumn (and any season) play on the mind ... Even more than I anticipate the new styles, I anticipate the changing of colours, and can hardly wait to see certain colours in person. It is always pleasing and puzzling [...]

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National Designer Award finalist, Lois Hazel ...

Lois Hazel was recently announced as one of the finalists in the prestigious VAMFF National Designer Award for her eponymous womenswear label. I think it fitting recognition and encouragement for Lois, who is about to release her gorgeous A/W 17 range ... and pounced upon the moment to 'take stock' with her via a mini interview. Because this month's Insta [...]

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A fashion revolution

Quite a many days ago, it was Fashion Revolution day ... I put together some images of the makers of Milly's garments, and then completely forgot to post them. It doesn't matter, obviously, because every day can be Fashion Revolution day - a day when one pauses in consideration of the people who make our clothes.... [...]

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Last week the store received a refreshing wash of varied, oceanic blues, thanks to Kuwaii, Djur, Livia Arena, Lois Hazel and No Worries. This season is the first that we've stocked garments by the latter two labels, both of which are based in Fitzroy - young woman running small studios building beautifully-considered collections. Exciting.The backdrop [...]

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Last but not least on the wish list ... A Milly Sleeping gift voucher and hand-painted card - available for any value by emailing leah@millysleeping.com (or popping by the shop).The ultimate penultimate - brass hair clips by ACV Studio (aka Anna Varendorff)... Currently available in store only.Magical collage prints, created by the ever-obliging, ever-lovely and ever-clever Gracia Haby [...]

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Bella who is bella.

This is Bella. Like Emily, Bella is a poet and an unassuming adventurer. She takes beautiful photographs and owns so many cameras that she can't say how many cameras she has. I do know that she has made a hobby, or a habit, of selling her household possessions on ebay, in order to acquire more cameras. [...]

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Back to the beginning.

About ten days ago I said to myself, the blog is not dead, no, I am going to maintain the Milly Sleeping blog and not only am I going to maintain it but I am going to write ... more ... often ... Daily even. And since that thought, I haven't scrambled together anything even [...]

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