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New showroom at the Abbotsford Convent


It was actually *after* Janette and I had made the decision to close Milly Sleeping that I first became aware that tenants were being sought for the Abbotsford Convent's Sacred Heart Building - which was undergoing significant restoration for the first time (according to the Convent site, it's quite possibly not been in use since the 1970s). Although I can't say I really expected it all to fall into place, I suppose I recognised immediately the potential of the proposition to suit me very well: a space - in a beautiful and established arts/cultural/retail precinct - which could accommodate the continuation of some aspects of Milly Sleeping, while also enabling me to pursue more of my own creative work. I applied with the help of Janette and some dear friends, and count myself very lucky to have been granted just such a space. My transition from Elgin Street to Sacred Heart is pretty much complete (although the back and forth is ongoing, and I still keep ending up at one place while my spectacles linger at the other).

The address is:

Studio 4, Ground Floor, Sacred Heart Building, Abbotsford Convent
1 St. Heliers Street, Abbotsford

These are subject to change but my *trial* trading hours are:

Thurs/Fri/Sat - 9am to 3pm

I currently have 'in stock' an array of Millicent Select Secondhand pieces, plus some remaining Milly Sleeping sale items. If you would like to try on something particular that you've seen at this site, please be in touch in advance of your visit to ensure that it's at the Convent.

Down the track, my intention is to add this range with more handmade and/or locally-made pieces, including the couple of garments that Janette and I (mostly Janette) finally put into production last year. I'm also planning (eventually) to create a program of small events and exhibitions ... These will be promoted via my personal Insta account and my new website.

*This* trusty website will remain our primary online store - selling Millicent, Milly Sleeping sale stock and a small selection of in-house wares.

And, as mentioned previously, 157 Elgin Street will be active as pop-up space. I don't think we're far off announcing our first tenant or two, and are still accepting expressions of interest from local designers/makers/artisans.



Quick interview with Gracia Haby of Gracia & Louise

Happy New Year everybody. Our final interview for the holiday period evolved into a 'true or false' quiz for Melbourne-based artists Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison, AKA Gracia & Louise. Together and independently (but most often together, and most often with a four-legged friend or two), G + L are very prolific makers, doers, dreamers [...]

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Quick interview with Birgitta Helmersson and Elizabeth Yong

The studio that I visited the most this year (without much doubt) is that of Birgitta Helmersson ... This is not particularly surprising given that two of Milly Sleeping's labels have operated from her space - but the many, many quick viewings and pick-ups of fresh stock does also accurately tell of the popularity of these labels.... Most often, I would [...]

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Quick interview with Vikki Kassioras

This month, we'll be posting short and sweet interviews with four 'stars' of Milly Sleeping. We could have picked any of the brilliant designers with whom we work but an obvious first choice, at least, was Vikki Kassioras. In a very short space of time, VK conceived and created a gorgeous suite of pendants for [...]

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ASTRA by Vikki Kassioras

One of the first exhibitions shown at Milly Sleeping, in March 2006, involved jeweller Vikki Kassioras ... so it's a great pleasure to host a tiny but very special display of work created by VK at this curly end of 2016. Titled ASTRA, the display comprises unique pendants, made from sterling silver and pink bronze. The [...]

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Shoe pop-up ongoing ...

In case you haven't gleaned via Instagram, we extended our lovely Penny Sage pop-up ... Ie. the shoes, made in Melbourne by Post Sole Studio, remain available in store, to view and try and buy. To recap, we have in stock the Marla slingback (RRP $445) in toffee patent and olive green leather ... the Lisi sandal (also RRP [...]

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Post Sole Studio for Penny Sage

The first time I was in touch with Myra Spencer from Post Sole Studio about the arrival of the Penny Sage shoes, she gave me a provisional time and then warned that boxing up the shoes might take she and her PSS partner, Breeze Powell, longer than they estimate. From start to finish, shoe-making is a slow and demanding, hands-on process, [...]

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Penny Sage Shoe Shop

This Saturday, October 22, we open a Melbourne first - a Penny Sage shoe shop...It's an exciting enterprise that has been in the works for a little while, based upon customer enquiries into the whereabouts of the beautiful shoes by our one Auckland-based label. We will be presenting three Summer styles, made here in Melbourne by Post [...]

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Claire Best Shoes

Not for any particular reason - just for a change - I recently resolved to do something a bit different with Milly's Instagram and this blog. Month by month, we'll be choosing different themes to play with, beginning this month with the theme, SHOE.... Somebody who knows quite a lot about the shoe is local maker Claire Best. I had seen Claire's work [...]

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Chorus August Edition

The showing period for the Chorus August Edition has flown ... It's a tidy one - just two pieces - a fluid dress and trouser (with a detachable sash!) designed to be worn together or, of course, separately - available in black and navy, or navy and black ... (Side note - apparently the idea [...]

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