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The long and short of it.


There are many good things to see in Melbourne all the time. I feel like a chronic 'misser' - with best intentions to get to all manner of shows and exhibitions and talks and films, but... you know. As such, it was a small surprise to me when, during arrangements for her current installation at Milly Sleeping, Katherine Bowman mentioned a few of her previous shows, and I realised that I had been to all of them. KB is simply one of my favourite local artists/makers. It is a thrill to be hosting the body of new work that comprises 'My Assemblages', and it has been a real pleasure to see how many other people also make a particular effort to follow Katherine's work.

Situated in our dark corner, 'My Assemblages' is not the easiest show to photograph. In person, though, it shines. It began when we asked Katherine if she would make some of her pipe-cleaner sculptures for the shop, which she graciously agreed to. The other elements - the intricate silver rings, the large bright, beaten brass pendants, and evocative water-colour works on paper - have all been made in response to the sculptures. I believe it is a personal collection of pieces to Katherine, and an assembly that she is happy with. Each time she showed me a new facet of the exhibition, she said quietly, "I have only made four, because they take me a very long time".

'My Assemblages' is small but, as Karen AKA Melbourne Jeweller suggested, big shows can be "like macaroni and cheese". Its concision is part of its beauty. Read Karen's lovely review, and find excellent images of the pieces at Katherine's blog. The works will be on display at Milly Sleeping until May 24 (that's two more weekends). If you cannot make it in, feel free to email leah@millysleeping.com for details about the pieces. 


Hello and goodbye.