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Top to toe at the studio of Alexi Freeman.


Alexi Freeman is a person of eclectic capabilities, and his studio reflects this. The last time I dropped in to look at a new range of bangles, produced by AF with one of his lovely ongoing collaborators, Kate Rohde, another of his lovely ongoing collaborators - Tessa Blazey - was there, and the two were working diligently away at incredible hand-made pieces for their forthcoming show, to be presented by Karen Woodbury at Craft. Surrounding us, a rainbow-coloured display of Alexi's work past and present - drawings and prints, samples, materials and miscellaneous ephemera/paraphernalia. It's a daydream. Of course, this being the month of SHOE, *another* of AF's collaborations caught my eye - boots and brogues by Preston Zly for Alexi Freeman.

Alexi is constantly creating, and he takes appointments at his studio, where one can best view (and order from) the full spectrum of 'artisanal products' - including garments, including jewellery, including shoes. Follow developments at instagram/alexifreeman or contact alexi@alexifreeman - if not today, then one day when life calls for something silver and perforated, or pink and leather and woven, or a veil of fine chain, etc.


PS. AF x KR anodised bangles are now being made-to-order (speaking of rainbow-coloured) - be in touch if you'd like to view a catalogue.


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