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Trading hours and post-it notes


Housekeeping, as they say. 

It's 1pm on Saturday and climbing towards the forecast top of 41 degrees in Melbourne. We may shut Milly's door a bit early today ... but we will be back tomorrow, and open every day before Christmas.

12 ... 4 on Sunday

11 ... 6 on Monday

11 ... 6 on Tuesday

11 ... 6 on Wednesday

10 ... 2 on Thursday (Christmas Eve)

Online gift shopping is still a reasonable prospect for locals - I've mentioned that we will comfortably/confidently continue to send parcels up until and including Tuesday Dec. 22.

If you haven't already taken in our 'gift picks', please have a browse - there are lots of lovely treats, including components of both beautiful December installations, by Anna Varendorff and Gracia & Louise.

There are also quite a many things *not* currently online but available in the shop proper, such as some great OK OK sock packs, bangles by Kate Rohde X Alexi Freeman, and more jewellery by this year's Milly exhibitors - Elise Sheehan, Seb Brown and Katherine Bowman.

We are also having a dress sale! Above, Skye wears one of my personal favourites, by Kara Liu.

(Is that rain?)

Stay cool in the days to come. Stay calm! Drive/ride/wander safely. Drink dry ginger ale on ice. Listen to Gillian Welch, etc.