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Amid the earliest arrivals for the season ahead (Spring/Summer 16/17, in case you're as befuddled by time as I am) are a handful of exquisite pieces by a new Melbourne-based label named STUFF. 'Clothes from plants', says Stuff's Instagram profile. This means, of course, garments made from natural fibres; it also suggests an engagement with where things come from and how they are made. 

When I first viewed the label's debut collection, "Pulling Stuff", I was pretty entranced by how considered and careful (and beautiful) everything was - concept, detail, presentation. It's not a huge surprise, given that the presiding quiet force behind the label is Crystal Dunn, who was for many years an integral part of the extraordinary MATERIALBYPRODUCT workroom ... but it's very, very nice. We welcome STUFF to Milly Sleeping, and welcome you to pop in to view our special small selection of STUFF garments.


All images above by Julia Francis and Crystal Dunn for STUFF.