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Last but not least on the wish list ... A Milly Sleeping gift voucher and hand-painted card - available for any value by emailing leah@millysleeping.com (or popping by the shop).

The ultimate penultimate - brass hair clips by ACV Studio (aka Anna Varendorff)... Currently available in store only.

Magical collage prints, created by the ever-obliging, ever-lovely and ever-clever Gracia Haby and Louise Jennison.

necklace named Alice, by Lois Hazel.

A very popular little treat - dot anklet socks by OK OK.

Bumped forward to seven on the list because we're running out of them: weird/wonderful jagged bangles by Kate Rohde X Alexi Freeman...

Equal sixth on the list are all of the clever ACV Studio single stud earrings. Mix and match or wear just one...

Day Five constitutes Wendy saying pffft to Christmas madness with a flick of the lovely ffiXXed Simplified Enjoyment scarf.

Day Four: hand-stitched lavender pouches by Raising Cat People for Milly Sleeping.

Third on the list: the simply lovely Kara Liu Wrap Bracelet - worn by Wendy with Inside Outside Scrunchy skirt.

Second on our wish list (of 12 items for under $100) are the excellent OK OK dot tights (made in New Zealand these days). Choose between green, blue and silver. The tights are paired with the Kuwaii Arco loafer, which somebody really ought to add to our online shop...

Milly's one Christmas tradition is the composition of a December wish list, usually quite 'late in the day'. The festive season rushes up on us and we imagine that it's rushed up on you, too. We hope that our list - normally ten items for under $100 but this year twelve items - is helpful and even inspiring. Our 2014 offerings are particularly gorgeous, we think. They're all currently available in store and online - but we're also going to present them one by one, in advent-calender fashion, here at the blog and there at Instagram.

First up is the Lucy necklace by Lois Hazel, worn with the Romance Was Born Alia Wheel silk tee.

PS. Both items are part of our S/S SALE, which began yesterday.

PPS. Postage for items under $100 is just $5 within Aus.


Hello and goodbye.