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Who makes all of these beautiful things?

Milly Sleeping houses the work of different designers from Australia and New Zealand. Some of these designers craft their own wares by hand; others have their pieces made by local manufacturers. In exceptional instances, where the Australian designer is based overseas, the pieces are made in the designers' local city (if not their live-in studio!). Many of these Melbourne-based designers have studios within walking distance of Milly Sleeping, which is very nice.

How long have you been open?

The shop was established in 2005 (which makes Milly the same age as YouTube and a San Diegan giant panda named Su Lin).

Do you have more products than those listed in the online shop?

Yes. It can take some time for newly arrived items to make their way into the online shop (we - all two of us - blame our staff). It is also the case that we pick and choose, from our total inventory, items that seem best suited to remote purchases. We endeavour to make prompt and comprehensive updates regarding incoming pieces at our News page and Instagram. Items can be made available in the online shop by request (or purchased by phone/email).

... Can I try it on?

Yes. All items shown in the online catalogue should be accessible at our Carlton shop, if you are able to visit and would prefer to try something on. Please enquire when in store if you cannot see the particular piece you are interested in (or call in advance to have something set aside).

Do you still have *it*?

It is not uncommon for someone to enquire, a bit sheepishly, about something they saw in store weeks or even months and many moons ago.

The items housed at Milly Sleeping are generally made in small quantities. If you can't see *it*, either in the shop or online, it's quite likely that it has sold out. But it's always worth asking! If *it* is not hiding in the darkest corner of our back room, there's a chance that we will be able to chase it up with the relevant designer on your behalf.

Can you order this in for me?

Possibly. Requests arrive frequently from people who have fallen in love with something featured in a magazine or on Instagram, etc. If it is by one of the labels that Milly Sleeping stocks, it is certainly worthwhile calling us or sending an email - we can't make any promises but we will do our best to find what you are looking for.

A postage fee may apply to special orders.

Is it possible to have something made-to-order?

Several of the designers associated with Milly Sleeping are capable of making to order, depending on the nature of the request. If you are looking for the perfect something (including custom bridal), feel free to send an enquiry, and we will attempt to set you on a good path.

Do you have a loyalty program?

For some time now, we've had an unofficial discount program that we happily offer to customers of Milly Sleeping who have come back, and keep coming back. We are now set up to manage this program for our 'regulars' both in store and online. You don't need to apply to join. If you haven't already heard about our Comeback Card, we will send you a little bit of information about it with your first Milly Sleeping purchase.

What size am I likely to be?

As Milly Sleeping stocks at least a dozen different clothing labels, the cut and sizing of our garments varies (in some cases quite significantly). When making selections for the online shop (and, in fact, for the Carlton shop), we aim to present items where the size indicated seems highly likely to correspond with our customers' expectations.

Notes regarding the fit of each garment will be included in the item description and additional photos/measurements can be provided upon request.

How do you find your designers? Do you take on new labels?

We have met designers in various ways - thanks to recommendations, agencies, exhibitions, trade fairs and the good ol' world wide web. Most commonly, a little email has started the affair.

We are always curious to see the work of designers from Australia and NZ, and are pleased to receive digital lookbooks addressed to Janette and Leah (files no larger than 5MB, please!) Please note that items must be manufactured locally.

Is Milly your cat?

Two cats reside at 157 Elgin Street but the shop is not named after either of them, nor anyone we know...

We sometimes think of Milly as the fair Millicent - a sunken treasure ship lying dormant on a deep-down seabed - but, in actual fact, 'Milly sleeping' is the name of a painting (Ernst Kirchner, 1911). We simply liked the title.

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