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Same Noon

S A M E  N O O N


Same Noon is a small side project, unrelated to the business activities of Milly Sleeping.

The items depicted have been considerately donated to the project by friends of Milly. They are not available to the general public. 

Those who have been invited to view the items are warmly welcomed. My hope is that you will be able to find some nice things that will serve you well in the coming months and even years.

Enjoy a good browse. Please send any questions to Leah via leah@millysleeping.com.



A dropdown menu reveals 'same noon' under 'SHOP' on the Milly Sleeping main page.

You'll see that there are three categories within 'same noon' - 'mostly for women', 'mostly for kids' and 'mostly for men'. It might be easiest to look within categories, bearing in mind some overlaps such as Tshirts that I consider unisex, and some S or XS womens' garments that could also be suitable for a teenager.

I've tried to show the items as accurately as possible. There is a magnifying function that will appear when you move the cursor over the imagery - please use this to consider the details.

Some of the items are unworn but most are clearly secondhand garments. In each item description, I've mentioned both the quality of the item and its condition. The quality relates to the fabric and how the garment is made. The condition relates to signs of wear, which may also be indicated in the description or highlighted in the imagery. 

In many instances, I've listed the size of the garment as shown on its labels as well as an indication of the actual size of the garment if I think it is more flexible (or larger or smaller) than the tags suggest. I can send measurements by request.

I'm conscious that there are big gaps in the 'same noon' range - lots for women and babies, far less for others. I'd like to be able to meet indvidual needs if I can, so feel free to be in touch with specific requests. At the moment, I have a few more reasonable mens' business shirts (S/M) waiting in the wings.

At any time, email leah@millysleeping.com.


To choose an item, click on 'add to cart' (which appears in each listing next to the imagery). You can pick as many things as you like. When you're ready, find the little grey 'view cart' button in the top right hand corner of any web page to start the check-out process. During this check-out, you'll need to add a few contact details but you don't have to set up an account (opt to check-out as a guest) and you won't accrue any costs (I've made sure this works).

If it seems convoluted, you can also just email me with your choices.

One way or another, I'll need you to let me know the best destination to receive your items, which may well be different to where you are currently residing. It's been suggested that general addresses such as either the Quaama GPO or Cobargo GPO will be convenient. That would be great for me, too, as I would like to bulk post a few orders together if I can. I will get the items going as quickly as possible, and I'll be in touch with you via email to confirm when things are on their way.

'same noon' will remain visible for at least one month, or until it becomes clear that browsing activity has stopped. Any items remaining at that time will be passed on to a reputable organisation accepting material donations.